Transforming the way large institutions access alternative credit

Fintex Capital

Transforming the way large institutions access alternative credit


Fintex is a unique investment firm exclusively dedicated to alternative credit

Fintex was founded to originate, structure and manage bespoke credit portfolio investments for professional investors with an institutional mindset.

We create sustainable alternative credit portfolios, to deliver capital preservation and consistent income through low-risk, low-volatility lending. 

Fintex has developed sophisticated technology tools to manage risk.

Fintex was successfully launched in 2016 as a repeat issuer of bonds to the capital markets. We are active across multiple asset classes, including consumer loans in Germany and UK property loans. Our experienced team offers a breadth of expertise across banking, credit, real estate, consumer loans, technology and fintech.

Fintex has won multiple awards in the Fintex space relating to their innovation and capability, including Aggregator of the Year at the 2016 Altfi Awards. 




Fintex makes it easy for institutional investors to make sizable investments via sophisticated lending platforms

Having direct access to consumer or real estate loans used to be the exclusive privilege of banks. That's no longer the case. Institutional investors now have the opportunity to access these well-known asset classes via sophisticated lending firms or established marketplace lenders. Fintex Capital works closely with a range of high-quality originators. This way, our institutional customers benefits from direct and privileged access to market-leading originators and platforms, whichever of our products they choose to engage with. 


Fintex Capital's business is one-of-a-kind. Our strategy stands on three pillars:

Turnkey Bond Issuance

Proven ability to wrap large,
unwieldy loan portfolios into simple, tailor-made bonds. This makes our alternative credit investments hassle-free for institutional fixed income investors.

Top-notch Team

Our team offers a unique combination:
Deep credit expertise, a thorough understanding of structured capital markets and long-standing principal investment experience within each Fintex investment strategy.

Proprietary Technology

We conceive & create proprietary risk management tech, tailor-made for each investment strategy. Investing in bespoke technology expresses our long-term commitment to clients:
to add value in risk management. 

This combination is immensely powerful.

We approach the alternative credit universe
with a unique combination of infrastructure, innovation and capability. 

Fintex adds value


Our customers benefit from privileged access to leading lending platforms

Our partner platforms benefit from low-cost capital with quick decision making

Fintex issues bespoke bonds that enable our customers - large asset managers, insurance companies, banks and pension funds - to invest in high-quality loan portfolios originated by hand-picked and thoroughly vetted loan originators.

Fintex is highly selective of the partners it cooperates with. Our team works closely with each platform partner to ensure all portfolio investments meet our stringent requirements.

Fintex Bonds are capital market-friendly instruments; they carry an ISIN and are settled through Euroclear and Clearstream. This enables us to transact with little hassle. 

We undertake sophisticated risk management and risk monitoring of each loan and each portfolio using proprietary technology. As a result, our institutional investors remain comfortable while their capital remains invested in prudent credit strategies to achieve capital preservation and predictable income for the long and medium term, with low risk and low volatility.