Fintex makes it easy for institutional investors to make sizable investments via sophisticated lending platforms

Having direct access to consumer or real estate loans used to be the exclusive privilege of banks. That's no longer the case. Institutional investors now have the opportunity to access these well-known asset classes via sophisticated lending firms or established marketplace lenders. Fintex Capital works closely with a range of high-quality originators. This way, our institutional customers benefits from direct and privileged access to market-leading originators and platforms. 


Experienced team

  • Experienced structured finance professionals
  • Veterans in alternative credit and marketplace lending
  • Management was involved in building one of Europe's leading loan marketplaces
  • We leverage our lending expertise, structuring capabilities and quantitative skills to create large portfolios within deep and attractive lending strategies

Bespoke, proprietary technology

  • For every Fintex product, we build bespoke, state-of-the-art risk management tech
  • Our risk management tools are developed in-house
  • Proprietary technology delivers comprehensive insights into each loan portfolio and enables our team to perform 'credit microsurgery' in ways not previously possible


Privileged access

  • Direct access to carefully selected lending partners and originators
  • Preferred terms and allocations
  • Direct relationships with large institutional capital who subscribe for our bonds
  • Minimum commitment: $10 million per investor
  • Tried and tested: Turnkey bond issuance to achieve quick set up and short time to market with minimal cost