Developed by our experienced credit and tech teams over the past two and a half years, Fintex's tailor-made analytics tool, LISA 3.0, provides a granular analysis of each Fintex loan portfolio. 

Our clients can benefit from robust and independent verification of the assumptions and forecasts provided by the select lending platforms we work with. 

We make a long-term commitment towards our institutional clients to add real value in portfolio risk management.
— Fintex CEO, Robert Stafler

Portfolio Management


Monitor loan-by-loan performance

Analyse & visualise large data pools

High efficiency & accuracy

Detailed benchmarking


Risk Management


Assess risk at a granular level

Heatmap portfolio breakdowns

Identify cohorts requiring scrutiny

LISA allows our team to keep its finger on the pulse of each portfolio and take action, if necessary
— Fintex Senior Quant, Rafi Goldberg

Stress Testing


Flex & test portfolio performance using different assumptions

Forecast & quantity risk quickly

Call-to-action with adequate sense of urgency, if required



Agile Technology


Ability to accommodate new forms of loan data with different variables

Gaining insights from deep data analysis is part of our team's DNA