Developed by our experienced credit and tech teams over the past two and a half years, Fintex's tailor-made analytics tool, LISA 3.0, provides a granular analysis of each Fintex loan portfolio. 

Our clients can benefit from robust and independent risk management tools providing sophisticated transparency, insight and analytics.

We make a long-term commitment towards our institutional clients to add real value in portfolio risk management.
— Fintex CEO, Robert Stafler

Portfolio Management


Monitor loan-by-loan performance

Analyse & visualise large data pools

High efficiency & accuracy

Detailed benchmarking


Risk Management


Assess risk at a granular level

Identify cohorts requiring scrutiny


Stress Testing


Flex & test portfolio performance using different assumptions

Forecast & quantity risk quickly

Call-to-action if required



Agile Technology


Accommodate new forms of loan data with different variables

Gaining insights from deep data analysis is in our DNA