Fintex Confluence, Fintex Capital's UK Real Estate strategy, provides secured funding to a variety of established property lenders including: direct lending firms, specialised lending funds, alternative credit platforms and other established originators.

In the run-up to the strategy's launch in December 2017, the Fintex Capital team worked closely with a range of institutions – pension funds, insurance companies, asset managers and banks. This work  confirmed that more and more institutions require secure, private credit assets as part of their fixed income portfolios, especially in times where bond market returns are as low as they are today. Confluence was created to address their requirements: capital preservation, low volatility, consistent income and attractive yields in meaningful size.

The purpose of Confluence is to create granular loan portfolios which are complementary in property types, geographic spread, loan terms and returns.

Fintex Confluence aims to create diversified, sizable and granular loan portfolios in a well-managed, hassle-free manner. This makes Confluence a timely, relevant solution for fixed income investors in search for yield. In turn, Fintex delivers attractively priced and flexible capital to our lending partners, supporting them in writing sustainable loans to creditworthy borrowers across the country.