Fintex Capital’s third strategy, Fintex Elevator, launched in March 2018, purchasing consumer loans originated via a US-based credit platform. 

Fintex Elevator was created to provide lending partners with attractive investment opportunities within a flexible, investor-friendly structure, enabling professional investors to deploy significant capital into the marketplace with ease.

Fintex Capital structured the bond as a pass-through security, creating a direct link to the discrete, revolving portfolio of underlying whole loans. Fintex Bonds are capital markets-friendly instruments; they carry an ISIN and are settled through Euroclear and Clearstream. Fintex Capital established robust processes for turnkey, repeat bond issuance eliminating time-consuming administrative processes and complex documentation and dramatically accelerating time to market. Having launched its first proprietary product in 2016, Fintex Capital to date has issued bonds for in excess of $125 million. To asset manage its sizeable loan portfolios, Fintex employs a highly specialised credit team as well as proprietary technology developed specifically for large, diversified portfolios of consumer loans.

Fintex is highly selective of the strategies and marketplaces it invests in, with a portfolio now comprising attractively priced, proprietary credit strategies in the world’s 3 major currencies – EUR, GBP and USD. This makes Fintex directly relevant to every institution interested in alternative credit.