Fintex finds attractive investment opportunities in direct lending and makes them accessible to institutional investors.

A new approach to the income challenge

Generating attractive income is challenging, especially for large investors. Returns available in traditional credit are neither exciting nor sufficient.

Alternative lending opens new opportunities. Fintex enables investors to access direct lending portfolios in a smart, intelligent manner.

Our innovative structuring and technology allows investors to access new, higher yielding asset classes built on lending. We also focus on traditional lending, where we identify attractive risk returns, and our proprietary technology offers granular insight into individual portfolios as well as robust protection to minimize risk.

Fintex Capital's business is one-of-a-kind. Our strategy stands on three pillars:


We approach the alternative credit universe with a unique combination of infrastructure, innovation and capability. This combination is immensely powerful.


Our team has many years of experience in alternative credit and has an in-depth understanding of securitisation markets, real estate, consumer finance and structured credit.

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