Investor-friendly access to alternative lending

Our customers benefit from privileged access to leading lending platforms.

Our partner platforms benefit from low-cost capital and quick decision making. We like to go the extra mile for our investors and are relentless in our focus on capital preservation.

Our structures have numerous in-built protections to dampen down price volatility.


“What matters to us is top-notch underwriting, steady origination, high quality deal flow and flawless execution.”

Robert Stafler, Co-founder & CEO of Fintex Capital

What’s in our corporate DNA?

We focus on alternative lending niches where loan selection and unique origination is crucial
Pioneering bond structures offer innovative market access to new asset classes
State of the art analytical tools give our clients granular insight into their portfolios
Exclusive relationships with lending platforms, based on our extensive and detailed knowledge of a fast-expanding space.
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